Community Marketing Consortium

The Community Marketing Consortium is a supportive brainstorm & networking group for restaurant marketers who believe that good things come to those who come together.

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Learn & grow with leading restaurant marketers.

We're all in this together.

Share best practices

Help each other solve problems

Network and build community

Some of our recent and upcoming themes:

  • Increasing fundraisers through group swaps
  • Dealing with minors setting up fundraisers
  • Giveback Fundraiser trends
  • Gift card swap
  • Approaches to loyalty programs
  • Annual fundraiser guest survey results
  • Getting franchisees to fundraise
  • How to take national campaigns local
  • Discounting
  • How to better activate fundraiser partners
  • Commercial co-ventures
  • Campaigns for national holidays
  • Non-coupon traffic drivers
  • Forecasting fundraiser participation numbers
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